LAHORE – Health experts have issued a smog alert, recommending that older adults, children and people with lung diseases such as asthma avoid “prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion.”

The experts have also advised the people to cover their face and eyes with masks and sun glasses to prevent hazardous effects of air pollution.

Director of Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Mohammad Haneef has directed the locals to take precautionary measures as the spell of smog would last for few more days.

PMD official said that he has never seen such level of smog in the history of Pakistan.

The persistent spell of the toxic smog that looms over Lahore and other parts of Punjab is not essentially a by-product of pollution produced within Pakistani boundaries but is largely contributed by a perpetual rival – India, NASA observed in its forecast.

A forecast by NASA points that high levels of “fires and thermal anomalies” in Pakistan are caused by a colossal amount of toxic haze rolling into Pakistani Punjab from Indian Punjab, putting millions at risk.