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LAHORE – An alarming new video was posted on micro-blogging website Twitter yesterday, showing a group of at least 30 young men from Lahore prowling the Ring Road near Defense in cars and on motorcycles while firing randomly into the surroundings.

The video was posted by journalist and anchor Ameer Abbas, who felt the incident indicated the “lawlessness” and “weaponization” on Lahore’s roads, and the “failure” of the upbringing of our youth.

The tweet has so far been retweeted 306 times and liked 175 times.

The faces of the some of the boys involved and the number plates of a few of the vehicles that the boys used are clearly visible in the video. However, so far no official notice has been taken of the incident.

A number of Twitter users who watched the video lamented what it said about the growing gun culture in Pakistan.

This is not the first time guns have been dangerously wielded on the streets of Lahore’s suburbs. Two years ago, a boy on a motorcycle was shot by the guards of Abdul Qadir Gilani in Z-Block Defense Phase 3.

Numerous similar incidents have also been reported from other parts of Pakistan in the past.