“Women should not try clothes in these shopping malls”, Govt issues warning about 58 shopping malls

  • Holes in walls of trial rooms of several shops were found during inspection

FAISALABAD – Women need to be careful while using changing rooms at garment shops, especially in Faisalabad where hundreds of shops in multiple malls have been declared unsafe by an investigation team.

The development comes after police registered a case and arrested two people allegedly involved in installing hidden cameras inside a women’s try-room at a shop in Faisalabad.

Customer finds hidden mobile phone camera in Levis Faisalabad try-room

After the case surfaced, the Punjab government formed a six-member team for inspection of trial rooms at all clothing outlets. The team surveyed shops at 58 shopping plazas in the city and prepared a report, with some shocking revelations.

In the report, the team revealed that women changing rooms in 58 shopping malls are vulnerable to CCTV cameras. During the inspection, complex ceiling structure and holes in walls of trial rooms were found which can be used for installing hidden cameras.

The inspection team has directed all clothing outlets to improve the structure of their try-rooms, besides warning them of stern action on non-compliance.

The names of the shops and shopping plazas are yet to be disclosed.