LAHORE – Normalcy returned to Punjab hospitals after the Young Doctors Association (YDA) ended their nine-day long strike on Sunday.

The talks between Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education Department and Young Doctors Association, Punjab, have paved the way for resumption of health services in the hospitals by the young doctors.

For last nine days, the young doctors had staged massive protests against central induction policy and over reservations on employment criteria in various cities of Punjab.


The Outdoor Patient Departments (OPD) remained shut as a result of which patients and their relatives had to through numerous difficulties. Only the Indoor patient Departments (IPD) and emergencies remained functional.

Meanwhile, the government stuck with the plan of keeping OPDs functional with the help of seniors and deploying Police to stop YDA men from forcibly taking doctors for strike. Absence of young doctors, however, hampered service delivery at OPDs.

The government has now assured the YDA leadership of doubling the seats in post-graduation whereas the doctors working in remote areas will be provided with residence and additional allowance.

YDA members will resume their duties from Monday.