LONDON (Online): Amir Khan has branded Floyd Mayweather “childish” and believes the American star will not be remembered as a great fighter.

The two-time world champion has been frustrated in his attempts to land a fight with Mayweather, who instead selected Andre Berto for his 49th bout in Las Vegas on September 12.

At the press conference to announce the Berto fight, Mayweather was asked about his reluctance to battle the Bolton man and suggested that Khan could earn a shot if he avenges his 2012 stoppage defeat by Danny Garcia.


This fresh demand from the sport’s biggest star was shrugged off by Khan as he feels the 38-year-old is continuing to tarnish his reputation by avoiding him.

“He’s just putting all these obstacles in front of me, because he knows that obviously I’m a big threat to him,” Khan told foreign Sport Channel.

“Work it out. Look at my last few opponents and he’s fighting Berto, no disrespect to Berto, who is a friend of mine, but obviously there are levels in boxing.

“I think he’s just being a little childish and he knows that Amir Khan will give him a tough fight and he’s kind of avoiding it. If he’s not going to man up and fight me, then I’ll have to fight Manny Pacquiao or someone like that. Someone who would fight me.”


Khans said even though Mayweather was a great champion, he would not be remembered as a great fighter “because if he’s not fighting the top guys then he’s waiting until they get old when he knows the guys in front of him would give him problems”.

“He’s cherry picking his fights. All the very best to Floyd Mayweather, if the fight happens between me and Mayweather it happens.”

Khan expects to return to the ring in late November or December and still has plenty of exciting options to consider.


WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman is calling for a clash, while Khan is confident that a thrilling showdown with former gym-mate Manny Pacquiao can be agreed.

“I really believe that fight can be made quite easily,” he said. “I think Manny is a man and he would definitely take the fight.”