LAHORE (Online) – Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shahryar Khan said on Friday that he is still hopeful for the cricket series with India.

He was addressing the prize distribution ceremony of a T-20 match between women teams in Lahore.
According to the details, Shahryar Khan said that even though the time is too short for the preparations of the series with India, still if Indian government gives a ‘go ahead’, they are ready to play. He said that India should fulfill the commitment and respect the agreement.

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chief Shashank Manohar on Thursday once again asked Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Shahryar Khan to wait for another three to four days for the final decision on Indo-Pak cricket series.

According to sources, the PCB chief approached BCCI for a final response over much talked series between the neighbors.

Shahryar Khan said that Indian authorities also need permission from their government due to which they are delaying the series.
India has maintained a quite confused stance since past weeks when it comes to cricket series with Pakistan.

PCB had hoped Sushma Swaraj’s visit to Pakistan for the Heart of Asia regional conference Tuesday and Wednesday would open the way for a limited short over series, agreed between the PCB and the Indian cricket board and due to be played in Sri Lanka.

The conference saw a joint declaration between India and Pakistan to combine efforts to weed-out terrorism but cricket series was mentioned nowhere.

Earlier, PCB Chairman Shehryar Khan was invited by the Indian counterpart but the intolerant country could not see a Pakistani diplomat land in India. Indian extremist wing, Shiv Sena launched series of protests.

The Pakistani board has finally taken the wheel pushing India on the backseat and will contact the Indian cricket authorities today for a final response.