Eid is just around the corner and girls/women are busy with finding the perfect clothes for this festive season while the men of the family are more focused on finding the perfect sacrificial animal.

It seems only fitting that they would want to capture the precious moments of the sacrificial animals, goats, cows, camels and even lambs. Plus, who does not want to take pictures of themselves and their families all dressed up for Eid? These are few of the best things about Eid; the festivities, the family pictures and the memories of your beloved animals.

When it comes to family pictures, taking a selfie with your family is quite a difficult task since not everyone can easily fit into a single selfie. However, OPPO has the answer to your problem with their F3 Selfie Expert with a wide angle front camera which allows you to capture the perfect group selfies without any hassle.

OPPO launched its Selfie Expert F3 phone which is a phenomenal innovation and an out-of-the-box idea which has helped OPPO to capture a large chunk of the tech market. The best part about this phone is the camera, obviously. It has a Dual Selfie feature which basically works in such a way that it has 2 front cameras; a 16 MP and an 8 MP front camera.

The front camera with an 8 MP has a 120-degree wide angle feature which allows you to take easy group selfies with your friends and families. Usually, capturing photos and videos uses up your phone’s battery quite quickly, however, with this phone you get a 3200 mAh battery so you do not even have to worry about a lower battery life while you capture your most favourite moments.

Recently, OPPO has made an amazing addition to their F3 Selfie Expert phones. They have collaborated with the Football Club Barcelona to bring out the much awaited limited FCB Edition of the F3 Selfie Expert. It has received a lot of publicity and they have made sure to incorporate the latest colour trends when they launched this phone. The phone has a gorgeous bold blood-red colour which is the latest trend for phones this season and the colour they have chosen for the phone is near-perfect!

Moreover, the phone boasts a jaw-dropping 18K gold plated FCB logo on the back of the phone and that is one of the best features of this limited edition FCB Edition phone.

The fans of this football club will surely love this phone a lot since OPPO has not only spent a lot of thought and creativity on the phone’s body but they have also made sure that the technical features of this phone are top-notch.

This phone is in their F3 Selfie Expert range so it has the Dual Selfie feature which is the best innovation to date when it comes to making it easier for people to take selfies. With this phone, not only will you be able to take perfect festive pictures of yourself and your family, but you will also be on trend for this Eid season.