LAHORE (Online) – The Huawei has stolen the limelight at IFA show, with the launch of its latest exquisite flagship smartphone, Mate S. Huawei.

Mate S. Huawei, an emerging technology leading company has introduced numerous exclusive and pioneering features through its modern gadget, Mate S.

But, the feature which caught the eye of viewers all over the world at Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), 2015 – Europe’s biggest tech show – is the “Pressure Sensitive Touch”, said a press statement issued on Saturday.

As the world witnessed that Huawei made the debut in introducing this technology through its magnificent smart phone Mate S, now Apple would have to come up with something more tempting for its customers.

With the launch of the Huawei Mate S, top technology companies like Samsung and Apple, now know that they are in for tough competition.

Huawei, while keeping its focus on introducing new technologies, has already captured a major portion of the world’s smart phone market. And it can undoubtedly be predicted that soon, Huawei would become the world’s first smartphone selling company.