ISLAMABAD – The number of 3G and 4G users in the country has crossed 60.02 million by October 2018, adding around 0.52 million new users in a month.

The number of mobile broadband users till September 2018 was 59.48 million.

Latest statistics issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority  (PTA) on Sunday revealed that number of mobile phone users in Pakistan have now crossed 152.16 million by October as compared to 151.66 million by September this year, registering an increase of 0.5 million during the period under review.

As per details, Jazz’s total count for 3G users stood at  14.42 million by October as compared to 14.84 million by end of September, registering a decrease of 0.43 million.

Jazz  4G user numbers jumped from 5,585,619 by the end of  September to 6,113,701 in October.

Zong 3G subscribers decreased from 8.885 million in  September to 8.75 million till October while the number of 4G users jumped from 8,521,530 in September to 8,911,613  by October 2018.

The number of 3G users of Telenor decreased from 9.947 million in September to 9.609 million. The number of 4G users jumped from 3,839,676 by the end of September to 4,110,634 by October.

Ufone in 3G domains has been showing growth and it added 0.245 million 3G users on its network during month of October as the total reached 8.103 million by October as compared to 7.858 million by September 2018.

Tele-density for cellular mobile decreased to 74.23 compared to 74.24 percent and broadband subscribers reached 62,171,455 by October as compared to 61,635,257 in September 2018.