Nissan Leaf Nismo hits Tokyo Motor Show

  • Nissan Leaf to be launched in 2018 has mere 147 horsepower

TOKYO- Nissan has taken the wraps off its Nissan Leaf Nismo Concept Electric Vehicle (EV) Car right at the Tokyo Motor show, and once again, it shows that the Japanese automaker is actively thinking of ways to increase the enchantment of its all-electric hatchback.

Those with long memories cannot forget the Leaf Nismo RC (Racing opposition), but this is not anywhere close to as radical in look or overall performance. Having said that, the brand new Leaf Nismo hints at better performance as compared to its predecessor and it appears appreciably greater manufacturing-viable than its previous version.

This Nismo display vehicle builds at the markedly extra alluring appearance of the brand new 2nd-era of Nissan Leaf, incorporating a racy new body kit with crimson accents.

Simply as importantly, the whole lot seems far extra planted way to a sports suspension paired with particular six-spoke tuning-fork wheels wrapped in high-overall performance rubber.

Sadly, Nissan isn’t always presenting a lot in terms of details regarding the Nismo’s actual performance, noting that it has a “custom-tuned computer that gives you instant acceleration at all speeds.”

The Nissan Leaf to be launched in 2018 has mere 147 horsepower; however its 236 pound-feet of torque helps the eco-minded hatchback sense pretty sprightly off the line.

As EVs have a tendency to respond nicely to easy reflashes (just ask Tesla), it is certainly feasible that Nissan could comprehend a proper improvement in acceleration without investing in high priced new hardware.

With the new-technology Leaf’s already stepped forward in overall performance and handling, the 2018 version could be a solid platform based on its earlier Nismo version.

Conclsusively, If Nissan builds Leaf, it needs to cater the needs of performance conscious consumers instead of simply relying on the appearance of vehicle.

To earn a Nismo badge, it has to be a right pass-quicker one, too.