AUCKLAND (Web Desk) – Usually it is believed that whatever once gone online can never be removed but a New Zealand based Pakistani software engineer has recently developed a new software Oblivion that can erase your information from internet even quicker than Google.

Dr Rizwan Asghar, who is currently associated with University of Auckland, was inspired to produce such software following a latest legal development in Europe that has enabled all citizens to get their information removed from internet whenever they want. As a result world’s IT joint Google has received over a million requests in this regard. However the company takes a long time process every request.

But Asghar’s Oblivion can get the job done for you quicker that Google. Now if you are upset at any of your information online or there is something circulating on internet to defame you, this software would be a great help to you in getting it off the internet.

How it works:

The software, which is still a prototype, can automatically locate and tag personal information on the web using text and image recognition, which can then be reported for removal. Once the tagged pages are sent to Google, the company can automatically confirm the details that match with those in the article and provide an “ownership token” that is submitted to the take down team.