SWEDEN (Web Desk) – A robot enthusiast woman has successful devised a series of machines to automate everyday tasks, compelling others to cogitate whether only Einstein was genius.

The 25-year-old  studied engineering physics in college but dropped out after a year. She then opted programming and robotics. Giertz brands herself as “the queen of shitty robots” and runs a YouTube channel where she employs deadpan humour to demonstrate mechanical robots of her own creation.

Here’s the machine for getting up early for those who find it difficult to listen to mobile alarm.

Brace yourself and watch the next roll out named “The Hair Washing Machine”

Next in line is “The Popcorn Machine” to seamlessly focus on your work while having popcorns

The must have “Lipstick Machine” for teens

She also devised “The Applause Machine” for automated claps

“The Chopping Machine” can somewhat chop vegetables and fruits if properly placed.

Although the machines somehow fail to properly manifest the purpose they are made for but still they give a clue of the hard work behind their discovery and moreover, provide something to laugh at.