As the wave of feminism has swept across the world, the definition of the term ‘feminist’ varies very largely.

However, a Facebook page called ‘Desi bombshell’ has come up with a whole different and hilarious idea of ‘Desi’ feminism and feeding the interests and needs of desi women, nowadays.

The boy in the videos, caricaturing as a Desi girl, calls himself Shumaila and highlights the desi girls’ daily issues and life in a unique and comical way.

Gossiping in a typical ‘Lahori Urdu’, Shumaila narrates stories that almost any girl in the country can relate to. From tips on relationships to reasons why some girls are ‘desperate’, Shumaila brings out every ‘feminist’ topic from personal gatherings to open in public.

In one of the videos, Shumaila talks about how she felt in love with an apparently ‘imbecile’ classmate and what follows later.

Watch it out for yourself!

Shumaila recalls her embarrassing in her new school:

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Shumaila has invented a new genre of comedy. She is perhaps the much awaited ‘Feminist heroine’ the desi girls needed.