KUWAIT CITY (Web Desk) – An Arab doctor was arrested on the first day of Eidul Azha in Kuwait roaming around the residential areas offering to slaughter the Eid sheep of residents.

This story went viral on social media, where many said that he must be punished for what he did as he was not a licensed butcher, and also he ignored all  rules of hygiene which are  part of a butcher’s job.

The doctor works in a private hospital and wanted to earn extra money by offering to slaughter Eid sheep in the neighbourhood.

Sarah, a Kuwaiti girl, told the Emirates247 that this is not strange as most of the doctors are in reality butchers and this is the reason for most of the medical malpractice cases.

Yaser, a Kuwaiti, was sarcastic, saying that most of the doctors are doing part time jobs in their free time, and it seem this doctors was one of them.

Ali, another person on social media, said that such acts must not be ignored.

“No matter what is the reason, he is a doctor and he must respect this position. He shouldn’t go around and do such a job without obtaining licence to do so. He broke the rules and must be punished.”