LAHORE (Web Desk) – A Facebook user recently went viral around the world after sharing a screenshot of a post from December 2015 which supposedly predicted all major events of 2016.

His predictions included some key happenings from 2016 such as Prince’s death, Mohammad Ali’s death and the Orlando mass shooting. He got over 300,000 combined shares and likes for the post on Facebook.

Reacting to his suspiciously accurate predictions, many people have accepted him as a modern day Nostradamus. But, in reality, he simply used a simple editing trick on Facebook to fool everyone.

Social media giant Facebook, aside from allowing people to edit posts from the past, also provides users with the option of changing the date of a recent post to make it look it was written in the past.

The fake Facebook prophet made use of these simple editing tools to make it seem like he could predict the future accurately, while claiming all the while that he was not “trying to scare anyone.”

You can also change the time and the date of your posts, by following these easy steps:

Simply, click on the options tab on any of your posts:


Choose whatever date you want to display on your post:


But, keep one thing in mind, it won’t be hard for others to find out what you’ve done.


Finally, here is the original post shared by the so-called Nostradamus of 2016.