DUBAI (Web Desk) – An Indian man has won a million bucks – just six days after he came through the terrifying Dubai air crash.

Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar was on Emirates flight EK521 which crash landed at Dubai airport, Daily Mail reported.

He flew the coop along with all 300 on board minutes before the plane burst into a huge fireball.

Now it has emerged that the 62-year-old grandfather has won the equivalent of a million dollars after buying a winning lottery ticket.

Khadar, who plays at a Dubai car dealership, purchased the ticket before travelling on a family holiday to Thiruvananthapuram in the south Indian state of Kerala.

On his comeback, the Emirates plane crash landed at Dubai airport. Unbelievably, all of those on the display panel, including 24 Britons and six Americans, were passed to safety minutes before the Boeing 777 was completely engulfed in fires.


It was the 17th ticket he had bought over the years and came four months before his retirement – having played in Dubai since 1978.

He now plans to move back to his country of origin – and help those less fortunate than himself with the aid of his winnings.