Pakistani minor loses life while playing this video game

  • Many young ones have started suffering from stress due to video games

LAHORE – A 11 year old child, Fahad Fayyaz, has passed away while playing the immensely popular game, Fortnite. The resident of Model Town, Fahad was taken to a hospital when his friends went upstairs to meet him, only to find him unconscious with the controller in his hand. The doctors declared him dead due to a cardiac arrest.

According to the medical reports, on 5 February, the child went to his room at around 5 pm to play a video game. He was stressed as one of his friends had not joined him for the game. He had even said to his fellow players that he would get a heart attack if he lost the game.

As shared by the deceased family, Fahad was so addicted to the game that his parents had to stop him otherwise he would continue playing for hours.

In deep sorrow with his 11-year-old son’s death, his uncle Riaz Khalid said that they had never thought that a game could take a child’s life, advising the parents to keep an eye on their kids especially when it comes to tech gadgets.

Fahad’s parents knew about his addiction to the game and they used to stop him from getting so much involved in it. However, addiction to this type of action games is getting dangerously common among children all over the world.

The incident has left Fahad’s friend and family in shock and its the time that we start deleting such anxiety causing games and refrain from using gadgets for a longer period of time.

Games that have an unending lethal impact on innocent lives should be banned under a global initiative and this menace should be addressed effectively, saving precious lives. 

Rest in peace!