MOSCOW (Web Desk) – Russian authorities are planning to introduce an obligatory oath of loyalty for all civil servants with the rank below federal minister.

“There will be disciplinary measures for those who fail to observe it,” Russia’s Labor Minister Maksim Topilin told the press recently.

According to the minister, the text of the oath would include promises to serve the interests of Russian citizens, abide by the Russian Constitution and laws, and never allow personal interests to outweigh public duty. Violations of these promises would lead to disciplinary procedures.

The idea to introduce an oath of loyalty for civil servants was proposed by President Vladimir Putin in February this year as one of the urgent measures targeting corruption.


Currently, such a procedure exists in Russia’s Military Forces and law enforcement and court system. Russian President Vladimir Putin also has to take an oath of loyalty to the nation as part of the inauguration procedure.

In an interview with Izvestia daily, the labor minister said that the oath-taking procedure would be compulsory for those who seek posts in the civil service and those who already work in various state agencies.

The text of the oath is currently being developed by several ministries and will require approval from parliament before coming into force, Russia Today reported.

“Pledging loyalty to their country will be obligatory for all officials with the rank below federal minister, starting with ministers’ deputies. However, because under the current Russian law the prime minister, deputy prime minister and federal minister are not considered civil servants, they will not have to do this,” Topilin further told the media.

The minister said the loyalty oath would become an additional incentive for Russian officials to fulfill their duties honestly.