ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – Pakistani security forces have arrested a Russian citizen, who came to Pakistan to marry a local woman of Chitral valley -best known for beautiful women, after he failed to report his presence with local police station.

Foreigners are required to inform the local authorities, whenever they visit some remote areas in Pakistan, due to security reasons.

According to reports, Apelgans Viacheslov -aged 28 according to his passport (725989487)- hails from Moscow and wants to marry a Chitrali woman. He also announced to prize money of Rs1 million for the one who would help him to find a bride.

Police officials said that Viacheslov also placed posters in the area which said that he had embraced Islam and renamed himself as Turud Ali.

Apelgans Viacheslov was handed over to federal investigation agencies for further interrogation, where officials are expected to decide whether he has committed some punishable crime or not. Pakistan reserves right to deport him as well.