Dhinchak Pooja, the girl who broke the Internet with her song “Swag wali topi” is back with her new song called “Daaru”.

“Daaru” has all the ingredients of a song gone bad with lyrics that would numb you, to say the least, music that has no connection with what she is singing and a video that’s a hilarious copy of the countless Honey Singh’s videos put together.

Since its release, the song has attracted thousands of views, to the amusement and horror of many.

Watch the video for yourself!

In case you missed the lyrics, here’s the first stanza:

“Karengay party saari raat, Karengay party saari raat, Karengay party saari raat, Hogi daaru ki barsaat… Daaru daaru daaru daaru, Oye! Daaru daaru daaru daaru, Oye! Daaru daaru daaru daaru, Oye! Jo na naachay usko maarun”