2015 was the first year an unforgiving heat wave struck southern parts of Pakistan with temperatures exceeding 40C (104F) throughout large portions of Sindh and Baluchistan.

With temperatures reaching a boiling point of 45C, Karachi suffered most during the heat wave with over 1300 deaths being reported within a span of a week. Hospitals and aid workers were soon overwhelmed, unable to cope with the unprecedented death toll.

This dark passage in the recent history of Karachi overshadowed what is usually a month of peace and reflection – the month of Ramadan. Among the chaos and despair, the people of Karachi in the spirit of Ramadan rose up to give a helping hand to those who needed it most. The city witnessed a surge of people of all ages coming out on the streets with cold water bottles, ice and food for iftari, providing help to all those who needed it most.

This Ramadan Atlas Battery Limited – Pakistan’s leading battery brand is helping spread the spirit of compassion and goodwill by providing the people of Karachi a place of shelter where they’ll be protected by the unforgiving summer sun while waiting for public transportation.

Atlas Battery has transformed numerous bus stops across Karachi into comfortable breezy resting places featuring state-of-the-art Misting Fans powered by AGS Batteries to help alleviate the onset of heat-strokes.

Given Karachi’s recent history with heat waves it is extremely important that this Ramadan, we take the necessary steps to protect ourselves from dehydration and the dangers it brings.

The body’s normal core temperature is 37-38C, but when it is subjected to extreme heat, the body’s temperature increases to 39-40C, at which point the brain tells the muscles to slow down and fatigue sets in.

At 40-41C, heat exhaustion is likely to occur with any further increase in body temperature leading to vital organs in the body shutting down.

With temperatures hovering in the high 30s this June along with the possibility of the weather getting even hotter, such an initiative can go a long way in saving lives. At the very least, it will bring comfort to people using public transport.


Here’s a list of all the bus stop locations equipped with AGS powered Misting Fans:

  • Boat basin
  • Shahrah e Faisal, FTC to Baloch Fortune Centre
  • PIDC opposite PC
  • Karsaz Shahrah e Faisal to Stadium
  • Jauhar Mor Alladin to Milenium Mall
  • Gulshan Moti Mahal to Nipa
  • Liaqat National Stadium to New Town
  • Five Star to Haidery
  • Board Office to Golimar
  • Mashriq Center Expo to Stadium, opposite Mashriq Centre
  • Bait Ul Mukaram Nipa to Hassan Square