STAFFORDSHIRE (Web Desk) – A mother-of-one  has agreed to marrying her boyfriend, 24-year old Nathan Edwards, even though he is in jail for slashing her face with a knife .

Kelsie Williams, 27, from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, who worked full-time for the prison service, fell for Nathan Edwards after meeting him on a website, the Daily Mail reported.

However, after two months of bliss together, Edwards turned abusive, regularly punching, threatening and kicking her whenever she “disappointed” him.

Nathan said Kelsie, mother to a seven-year-old son, thought that she would be nothing more to him than a bit of fun.

In November 2014, in front of a Leeds Crown Court, Edwards admitted to assault by using a knife on Kelsie in a public place and causing grievous bodily harm. He was sentenced to four years and three months in prison.

A few months later he proposed to Kelsie in a letter and she said yes.

“No one else would be happy for us, but I didn’t care,” she said. “My life still revolved around making him happy. I’d send him money, visit every week, write letters and wait in for calls.”

Why this mother agreed to marry the man in jail for slashing her face with a knife?

“He found prison tough. He became paranoid about what I’d been doing and who with. He’d call me a slag if I couldn’t afford to send him money and threaten to kill me when he came out,” she added, speaking about her decision to marry her abusive boyfriend.

In December 2015, Edwards wrote to Kelsie suggesting a prison wedding. She filled in the forms and the pair hoped to marry in June 2015.

But when she announced the plans on Facebook, her family and friends tried to persuade her to back out.

“Anyone who didn’t like my decision, I cut out of my circle,” Kelsie said.