KABUL – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday affirmed that Taliban will not be allowed to to derail the government in the country, besides extending last chance to come into national mainstream.

Ghani stated this while addressing a multinational peace conference hosted by Afghanistan in Kabul, adding that they were ready to allow Taliban to open their office to hold negotiations.

He urged the Taliban that it was the last chance to become part of the national mainstream. Highlighting the purpose of the conference, Ghani said that a moot has been conducted to eliminate terrorism and establish peace in the region.

Representatives of around twenty-five countries and organizations, including Pakistan, are attending the meeting, which aims to build international support on ways to restore security in the country. Additional Secretary Tasneem Aslam is representing Pakistan in the huddle.

According to presidential spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazawi, the Kabul Process is meant to reach a global and regional consensus for peace in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, strict security measures have been taken in Kabul in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in the capital.