KABUL – At least one person killed and eight others wounded after a powerful blast took place on Tuesday in central Kabul, international media reported.

It is being reported that a suicide bomber exploded himself close to Massoud Circle after being intercepted by security guards.

According to Afghan media, the blast occurred close to the diplomatic quarters of the capital and near the US embassy.

Later, Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish confirmed the explosion took place at the entrance of a Kabul Bank branch, which is not far from the embassy.

A new wave of blasts in Afghanistan started soon after US President Donald Trump ruled out withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, besides clearing way for deployment of more troops in the war-torn country.

The US president while announcing his policy regarding Afghanistan, which is in state of war since 9/11 attacks, had expressed his aim to kill the terrorists.

Hours after the announcement of a harsh Afghan policy by US President Donald Trump, a spokesperson for Taliban had vowed to continue Jihad against the US troops with a resolve to transform Afghanistan into the graveyard of US empire.

On August 23, at least five people had been killed and 42 others injured after a car bomb exploded near a police headquarters in Lashkar Gah, capital city of Helmand province.

On August 24, the Afghan Taliban had occupied Zana Khan District in Afghanistan’s central province of Ghazni after a fierce battle with local security troops. During the battler, four policemen were also killed while eight more wounded.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the group’s fighters overran the district center and security checkpoints.

The Zana Khan district is the seventh government-held territory in Afghanistan to be occupied by the Taliban in the past month.

On August 25, a number of assailants stormed a mosque in Qala-e-Najarha area of Kabul following a blast, leaving many dead.