Following the Baramulla attack, the Indian media had claimed that the Indian army killed 2 terrorists as India retaliated and foiled the attack.

However, contrary to Indian media reports, SSP Imtiaz Hussain on Monday said that the terrorists had used civilians as shield and therefore Indian forces were unable to retaliate properly.

“They used civilians as shield as it was a civilian area, we could not retaliate properly and they fled. Militants managed to escape as it was dark and army couldn’t retaliate effectively due to apprehension of civilian casualty,” SSP Imtiaz Hussain said.

Earlier,the Indian media ran reports that two ‘terrorists’ were killed and at least one Indian soldier was left dead. However, in less than 24 hours, SSP Imtiaz Hussain has denounced the reports.

The inconsistency in the Indian reports comes after the series of false reports and statements that had to be retracted later.