SAN FRANCISCO (APP) – Former US president George W. Bush may no longer be able to change the course of history — but it has not stopped others trying for him.

To mark its 15th anniversary Friday, online encyclopaedia Wikipedia released a ranking of its pages based on how many edits have been made by volunteers — edits can mount at Wikipedia pages when people or subjects incite passion or rival perspectives.

Bush, in office from 2001 to 2009, topped the list with 45,862 edits to his Wikipedia page, coming in about 3,000 edits ahead of the World Wrestling Entertainment roster page.

The list of the top-10 most edited pages went on to include, in order, the United States, Wikipedia itself, Michael Jackson, Jesus and the Catholic Church.

Rounding out the list were programs broadcast by Philippines television network ABS-CBN, US President Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler.