World’s leading educational publishing company McGraw-Hill Education has placed a political science book on hold and started destroying all published copies, because the book was said to be carrying anti-Israel maps.

According to media reports, the book “Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World” carried a series of maps which described increasing Israeli occupation on Palestinian land from 1946 to 2000. The publication of book sparked protests among pro-Israel activists.

As a result the publisher has now informed the authors of the book that no more copy of their book will be produced and all existing transcripts will also be collected/destroyed to avoid any further situation.

Catherine Mathis, a spokeswoman for McGraw-Hill Education, said that his organisation started an academic review of the book as soon as reports of protests were received. The academic review found that published maps were not agree with McGraw-Hill Education’s publication policy, the statement further added.

The company has also apologised to customers and announced to refund payment to anyone whoever returns the book.

The controversial map published in the book