ISLAMABAD: A team of Pakistani clerics and Religious Ministry officials stated on Friday that they had found no evidence of the Chinese government placing restrictions on Muslim in Xinjiang from fasting in Ramazan, after they completed a tour of the area on the request of the Chinese government.

Director-General of Research at the Ministry of Religious Affairs Noor ul Islam Shah led the four-member delegation, which also included a high-ranking cleric at Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, named Misbahur Rehman. Two religious scholars Mufti Abdul Salam and Qari Muhammad Shah were also part of the delegation.

Earlier, the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Mora) delegation had been sent to China’s Xinjiang province, a mainly Muslim region, where it was believed that fasting during Ramazan had been restricted by the government. The purpose of their visit was to observe how residents observed the holy month in the province.

According to reports, the team was called in by the Chinese government after international news agencies reported that fasting had been restricted in the region.