PARIS (Web Desk) -Taxi drivers across Paris switched off their meters last night as they helped transport people to safe locations during terror attacks which have killed at least 128 people in the city.

France 24 correspondent, Sophie Pilgrim, tweeted: “Taxis taking people for free in Paris as many others stuck in shuttered bars, restaurants, some even locked in kitchens.”

Reduced taxi fares are just one of many kind acts taking place, following what the French President, Francois Hollande, has called an “act of war”.

A ray of hope appeared over social media amid the atrocity as Parisians offered their homes to those stranded during last night’s attacks.

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Using the hashtag #PorteOuverte or “Open door”, Parisians invited those unable to reach secure areas to shelter in their houses over Twitterm, as well as advertising safe havens in the city.

French-Algerian journalist Nabila Ramdani told the BBC’s Today programme: “People are being told to evacuate places like restaurants and indeed concert halls where they have been going to on a Friday night, relaxing, going to for dinner with friends or family outside or attending a concert.

“They are now being told to go back home and stay at home. Of course, the obvious problem they are facing at the moment is how to go back home.”

Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson told News 24: “You can feel the chill in the environment… Most people as a consequence have gone to safety and wherever they can find it.”

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Donations of shelter have appeared all over the world, with people offering places to stay to Parisians who are unable to fly back home.

Queues of people were also seen at French hospitals looking to donate blood in the wake of the attacks.

French journalist Grégory Dominé said medical officials have asked for people to space out donations over the weekend and throughout next week.