MANCHESTER – In the wake of an attack that left many traumatised people stranded in the city centre, hashtag #roomformanchester is helping people to find free rides, food, and rooms.

Residents of Manchester have mobilised in the hours after the Ariana Grande concert attack, with offers of help for stranded and injured concertgoers flooding Twitter.

The incident left many people who were attending the concert displaced. Taxi drivers began offering free rides.

The Victoria train station was closed after the blast, and was expected to remain closed throughout Tuesday, leaving many people stuck in the city centre without a way home. As many as 21,000 people – many of whom were children and teenagers – were at the concert, Guardian reported.

Many are using the hashtag to find their loved ones who have gone apparently missing

There were also reports of a hotel in the city centre sheltering children who had become separated from their parents. Facebook turned on its safety check feature.