Saudi man divorces wife for ‘walking ahead’

  • Calls emerging in Saudi Arabia for providing counselling services to married couples, especially newlyweds

DUBAI – In Saudi Arabia, which is at alarming position due to increasing number of divorces due to trivial reasons, a Saudi man parted ways with his wife for walking ahead of him.

The man, whose identity is unavailable, issued warnings to his spouse repeatedly to keep a step behind him while walking, but she paid no heed to them causing of dispute between the couple, Gulf News quoted Saudi daily Al Watan as saying.

Later, the dispute ended on divorce.

In another case, a Saudi man divorced his wife due to feeling embarrassment after she failed to present sheep head — “the most important part of the dinner” — before the guests during a dinner, the report added.

Voice is being raised in Saudi Arabia for counseling of married couples—especially newlyweds due to uptick in divorces during past two years.