People on the internet are not having it!


This news of a Saudi man marrying all four Moroccan women at the same time raised questions and opened a conversation of how Islam first allowed polygamy for the sake of widows and orphans who had no means of survival.

This hashtag went viral and people reacted on Twitter sharing their thoughts , opinions and ideas about Islam and polygamous marriages.

This viral hashtag still continues to make rounds on the internet. Here is what people had to say about it.

People had all sorts of reactions to this hashtag, some even thinking it was fake:

“I think this hashtag is untrue.”

Some were still questioning the whole event:

“How did he get four marriage permits all at once?”

Another shameful day:

Only under extreme and rare circumstances:

This hashtag opened a discussion about the marriages going on in the Arab world as Islam has only allowed polygamy under situations like battles as a result of which women and have no one to take care of them. The idea of four marriages for a man in Islam might be glorified by men but the reality is that equal amount of attention and care must be given to all of the wives and such equality can only be done by Allah (SWT).

”But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one,” Surat An-Nisaa states. The surah decrees: “You will never be able to be equal between wives, even if you should strive to do so.”