DUBAI – The Dubai Police recorded 107 traffic accidents during foggy weather conditions in the space of five hours on Sunday morning.

The police received 1,062 SOS calls from 4am to 9am, according to Khaleej Times.

Major Khazraj Majid Al Khazraji, director of command and control room, said the country usually witnesses a number of traffic accidents during this time of the year due to the weather causing low visibility and driver failing to adapt to changing weather.

He urged motorists to abide by traffic laws and to take preventive measures and bringing attention to road users, while driving during changing weather conditions and specially during fog.

In such conditions, Al Khazraji said, all drivers should ensure their windshields and lights were clear and that their signals were working before they started driving. He added that they should leave enough distance between vehicles, should reduce speed and change lanes only when necessary.

The Dubai Police are patrolling roads to prevent congestions, organize traffic and intervene in case of an emergency.