NEW YORK – President-elect Donald Trump has finally opened up about the protests going on in different parts of US against his election as 45th president of America.

Trump who is an active twitter user took to the platform to term the protestors ‘unfair’. His tweet made the rounds on social media after he called on president Barack Obama at the oval office.

‘Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!’ the tweet read.

This is Trump’s first comment railing against the media since he earned the title of President-elect early Wednesday morning.

The tweet surfaced after the media reports suggested that Trump’s social media handle was taken over by his aides.

Widespread protests erupted in different states of US after the real estate tycoon stunned the political observers with his landslide victory against Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, Trump’s former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway defended his boss adding that the protestors should listen to his speech first in he categorically expressed to take all American’s along to make the country great.

‘I would just commend the protestors to listen to Donald Trump from his victory speech, where he said, ‘I will be a president for all Americans, including those who did not support me and who don’t support me’ Conway said.

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