BIRMINGHAM: A halal butcher shop on Wednesbury Road in Pleck was destroyed on Monday after someone hurled a petrol bomb inside, hitting and injuring one of the workers.

Bashir Hussain the worker on spot was fortunate enough to escape with minor bruises but the shop  itself was gutted by flames.

Meanwhile, police officials confirmed that a white man was caught on CCTV cameras walking into the Kashmir Meat & Poultry shop and throwing a burning bottle filled with a highly flammable ‘accelerant’.


The incident is currently being investigated by the West Midlands police. The culprit was described as “white, six feet tall, and wearing a blue jacket,” according to the Birmingham Mail.

Brigg Ford, a spokesperson for the authorities, said, “We cannot say definitively that it was a racist attack.”

Locals, on the other hand, were of the view that racial tensions on the rise after Britain’s shock EU exit were to blame for the attack.

Moreover, Mary Walker, a woman from Pleck where the incident took place, said. “I have overheard people making comments to Eastern European residents and Muslims that they should go home now,”.

The owner of Kashmir Meat & Poultry, Jamal Hussain, was angered by the attack and still seemed in shock when he spoke with newsmen.