ALEPPO (Web Desk) – French firm Lafarge has been accused of making deals with ISIS to protect its cement making business in Syria.

According to reports, Lafarge paid taxes to ISIS to protect its Jalabiya cement works, 95 miles northeast of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The company, which says its priority has “always been ensuring the safety and security of its staff,” bought the site in 2007 before beginning operations there in 2011. But it then went on to make “worrying deals” with ISIS to protect its business interests in the country, according to reports.

The French daily Le Monde wrote: ‘Until 2013, production kept up despite the growing instability in the region due to the civil war which began in 2011.’

In 2013, ISIS began taking control of towns and roads around the factory.

Le Monde reported that it had seen letters sent by Lafarge managers in Syria which revealed “arrangements that Lafarge made with the terror group to continue production until September 19, 2014.”