NEW YORK (Web Desk) – E. Paul Zehr, a neuroscience professor, says that anyone with the right “genetic characteristics” could become Batman after “15-18 years” of intense training.

“There are people who can do chunks of what Batman can do—that have driving ability, the acrobatic ability, the fighting ability. We just don’t have all those abilities and skills in one person,” he says. “If someone had the right genetic inheritable characteristics, all the training, time, and ability to do it, you could get pretty close to the level Batman is at.”

However, Zehr also identified potential problems for anyone considering to emulate the iconic superhero, who has no superpowers of his own

“The thing people don’t think about—it’s harder to remain as Batman than it is to get there in the first place. The effect of the 15-18 years of training you’d need to become Batman would have taken such a toll on the way your body functions,” he says. “Being in the field and fighting all the time, which is made more complicated by the fact he doesn’t use guns or much force, I estimate a three-year career, maybe five or six if all your enemies gave up without a fight.”

Zehr supports his argument saying he regularly gets E-mails from readers who say that, although they haven’t become Batman, they’ve gotten into fictional hero Batman shape after reading how practicable some of Batman’s skills are.

“You need some strength, some power, some weapons, a little of this and that, skills from many domains. Take the sum of all of those pieces and you get his incredible performance,” Zehr affirms.