Only common man's uplift to testify your performance: PM tells Punjab ministers

10:29 PM | 1 Dec, 2018
Only common man's uplift to testify your performance: PM tells Punjab ministers
LAHORE - Prime Minister Imran Khan Saturday while urging the members of Punjab cabinet to play a leading role for public welfare, said their performance would be acknowledged only by a visible change in the life of common man.

In a meeting with the Punjab cabinet members, he said the province had witnessed a great change after three decades, where the people had suffered throughout, according to a PM Office statement.

Taking cognizance of recent increase in the prices of daily use items, the prime minister directed the ministers to identify the reasons behind inflated rates and take action against those responsible.

He said today’s Pakistan was a changed one where the provision of justice and good governance were the only standards for public laurels.

The prime minister also directed that efficient public servants should be encouraged so that they should put in their utmost efforts for the welfare of masses.

Stressing for good governance and change of mindset particularly in Punjab and generally across the country, he directed the ministers to ensure the enforcement of government’s agenda aimed at poverty alleviation, provision of healthcare, education and employment and supporting the farmers.

He advised them to focus their efforts on public service and welfare making the Madinah State as a model which revolved around compassion and care.

The Punjab ministers also apprised the prime minister of the performance of their respective ministries and future roadmap.

The prime minister said a clear divide and stiff resistance existed in Pakistan between the agents of status quo and those of change. The pro-status quo political class wanted to cover its plunders under the garb of safeguarding the democracy.

“You have to play a leading role and win this contest. You have to play your fullest role as agents of change. Only this way, you will emerge as a real leader,” the prime minister remarked.

He told them that the welfare of masses and their uplift should be the core objective of their ministries. "We have to think of the ever-marginalized segment. Only such a feeling could found a society on the pattern of Madinah State that could arise as a stable welfare state in the world.