Pakistani military cadets attend International Cadet Week in China

10:56 AM | 1 Dec, 2018
Pakistani military cadets attend International Cadet Week in China
BEIJING - A total of 31 cadets from militaries academies from 11 countries including Pakistan attended the 6th International Cadets Week (ICW) held in Nanjing, East China’s Jiangsu Province.

The cadets from Pakistan, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Japan, the Netherlands, India, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey attended this year's event together with 73 Chinese cadets from 11 Chinese PLA academies.

The week-long event aimed to provide a platform for cadets to have more exchanges and to learn and improve from each other was hosted by the PLA Army Engineering University, according to China’s Defense Ministry.

ICW aimed to enhance understanding, to learn from each other, to cooperate and to create a shared future.

The purpose has never changed. The world needs to know China and its military, and the Chinese military also needs to go on the international stage.

These cadets live and undergo military exercises under the command of the PLA. Their training courses included gun shooting, indoor obstacle courses, field training, stimulation training of actions of the UN Peacekeeping Force and courses on Chinese traditional culture.

Most of the foreign cadets came to China for the first time and their initial impressions of China differed widely.

Aside from knowing more about China, cadets from different countries used the event to communicate with each other.

Cadets from India and Pakistan talked with each other happily, and cadets from France, the Netherlands and other countries usually got together to share opinions.

The Chinese cadets who attended the ICW also had a chance to learn other countries' strengths and their development paths.