Kevin Spacey used to lure straight men tactfully, old comment on Reddit raises eyebrows

02:21 PM | 1 Nov, 2017
Kevin Spacey used to lure straight men tactfully, old comment on Reddit raises eyebrows
LOS ANGELES- House of Cards's famous actor 'Kevin Spacey' who hit the headlines after he confessed being a as gay man, has come across another allegation by an anonymous Reddit member.

Spacey, who's sensational disclosure prompted production company 'Netflix' of famous series House of Cards to suspended the series after its sixth season seems to be passing through a rough patch of his career.

Days after his confession shocked his fans and haters equally, the story has taken another twist as speculations are going viral over the internet that the Hollywood protagonist tactfully lures in straight men.

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According to person on reddit forum, who's name has not been identified, Kevin Spacey loves to meet straight men at parties and events, and use his celebrity to lure them to after parties where he gets them drunk and high, and then suddenly tries to blow them.

The scathing allegation continues that the Hollywood star is another Bill Cosby and he's well known in Hollywood for harassing male staff on productions.

It continues that the House of Cards star made a false police report a few years back after he was assaulted by one of the many men he's tried to blow.

'He picks his victims perfectly, because what straight man would want to be famous worldwide for accusing Kevin Spacey of a sexual assault?' the redditor alleged.

The emergence of fresh set of allegations, though hurled some five months back state that Spacey harasses his staff on productions and the victims are too afraid of destroying their careers so they keep mum.

'Kevin Spacey is a disgusting scumbag' he alleged.