Meet Manon Raja - a Kashmiri- French woman who is fighting for her life but never stops travelling

12:34 PM | 2 Apr, 2019
Meet Manon Raja - a Kashmiri- French woman who is fighting for her life but never stops travelling
LAHORE - Pakistan is a land of beauty and culture heritage. This country is enriched with diversity in terms of geographical landscapes. Many people have been visiting Pakistan and sharing their heartfelt experiences including Polish tourist Eva Zu Beck.

The bloggers, vloggers and tourists are in short promoting the positive and beautiful side of the country through their heartfelt experiences.

Latest to visit Pakistan is famous vlogger Drew Binsky and he is loving his stay in the country. The 27-years-old Drew Binsky is a worldwide known travel blogger. He has visited more than 155 countries around the globe, has more than a million subscribers online and makes regular travelling vlogs.

Drew Binsky shared an amazing video of his teammate during his trip to Pakistan. In a three minutes video by Binsky, we can see a brave-hearted woman Manon, who is living her dream life by travelling the world and fighting stomach disease with courage.

Manon is a French-Kashmiri by origin, She was born in Saudi Arabia and was among the organizers for Drew Binsky's trip to Pakistan. Her family belongs to Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. She travelled all the way from Oman and had a memorable trip with Drew and others in Pakistan.

Manon is a role model for all those girls who want to achieve big in life, In 2007, Manon had suffered from a stomach ulcer and suffered from a severe coma. Her stomach is shrunk to the size of a pinky finger and she cannot eat more than three to four bites during a meal. But it didn't stop her from following her dreams and the girl never gave up.

So far, she had lived in eight different countries and has plans of travelling many more. Drew Binsky has wished good luck to Manon and wants to be in touch with her forever and we wish her the same.

Here is the video clip by Drew Binsky featuring superwoman, Manon:

The video got circulated on the social media within no time and got 8.7 likes and around 1273 times being shared by the social media users. People are also pouring love for Manon.

Let's have a look at some of the responses to Drew's empowering video:


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More power to you, Manon Raja! 

Keep achieving high.