Kinnaird hosts its annual 'Charity week'

06:15 PM | 2 Dec, 2016
Kinnaird hosts its annual 'Charity week'
LAHORE  (Zara Aftab) -  Keeping up its tradition of hosting a charity week, every year, Kinnaird is hosting charity week this year yet again. The charity week began from Monday, November 28th and will continue until Thursday, December 1st, 2016.

The charity week was arranged to collect money and donate the money for a noble cause to help the needy and poor. The four-day based event has a number of activities going on from Monday.

Stalls were set up by intermediate students in the basketball court. A scavenger hunt was arranged as well and in the end, there was movie screening from 12:30 till 4:00. Students were required to wear theme based  black and red clothes.


On the second day of the charity week, the theme set was Gold and silver. Stalls were set up by semester 1 and 3. A dance competition was also arranged.