The internet is not okay with Mohsin Abbas Haider's comeback song

01:04 PM | 2 Dec, 2019
The internet is not okay with Mohsin Abbas Haider's comeback song

LAHORE - Pakistan’s largest music streaming platform Patari has come under fire for promoting Mohsin Abbas Haider’s latest single titled Rooh.

The song is Mohsin’s first project following his public feud with former wife Fatima Sohail who accused him of domestic abuse and infidelity.

Let's have a look at some of the Twiterrati's posts:

It's not only Patari but several other celebrities including Abrar ul Haq, Nausheen Shah, Mohib Mirza and Faakhir Mehmood have also sent Mohsin Abbas their best wishes and good luck. In August 2019, Mohsin was found guilty of threatening his then-wife Fatema Sohail by a lower court in Lahore.

Fatema, in a shocking social media post on July 20 had alleged that Mohsin was domestically abusive and had hit her on multiple occasions. She later filed an FIR against Mohsin on grounds of abusive behaviour and that Mohsin extorted money from her.

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While the court found Mohsin guilty of threatening his wife, he was found innocent of breach of trust and demanding money from his wife.

Also, not to forget that in May 2018, Pataris’ CEO Khalid Bajwa was accused of misusing his power to extract sexual favours out of women. Though Bajwa initially resigned from his position, he was later secretly rehired by the company. Six of Patari’s original team members resigned in July of the same team after it was clear that Bajwa was not stepping down.

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In August 2018, Patari allegedly complied to a request made by Ali Zafar to change the ranking of a song released by Meesha Shafi’s brother Faris Shafi. Zafar, who at the time had been accused of sexual harassment by Meesha apparently felt that the promotion of Faris’ song made it seem that Patari was on Meesha’s side in their legal dispute.

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