Anxieties of a first-time traveler

07:00 PM | 2 Jun, 2016
Anxieties of a first-time traveler
Like any first time experience, it is pretty usual to be a bit nervous before your first travel plan. However, as the common saying goes, there is always a first time for everything!

If you are planning travel for the first time, the chances are that you will think and rethink about it weeks or sometimes months in advance.

Being the largest online hotel booking website in Pakistan, Jovago has highlighted all the common fears that a first-time traveler faces:


1. Will my travelling be safe?

The rising security concerns are hard to ignore especially when you are planning to travel alone for the very first time in your life. It is pretty understandable if before your first travel, you are given all sorts of safety travel tips by your friends and family.

This may sometimes make you feel a bit more nervous before your travel. However, the best way to cope up with this sort of an anxiety is to read about the experiences of people who have traveled before you to the same place.

Many websites offer exclusive reviews and blogs on their websites to provide the travelers with enough information to prepare for their travel in advance.

2. What if I miss my flight?

To miss a scheduled flight is a nightmare for every traveler not just a first time traveler. After all who wants to spend some extra hours alone at an unknown airport?

It is therefore, always advisable to leave for airport well ahead of time and avoid connecting flights whenever possible.

3. How will I be treated in the land of foreigners?

Networking is a must for every traveler especially if you are travelling alone. Rest assured that usually the locals are very considerate and helpful towards the foreigners. It's alright to ask for help around and say thank you to the people who help you.

4. What if I feel home sick?

It is hard to give away the comfort of living near your loved ones. To miss homemade food, your cozy bed, a night out with friends, is inevitable when you are miles away from your homeland. But learning how to live outside your comfort zone is the biggest lesson travel can teach you.

The best way to overcome all these anxieties is to do complete research before travelling. Acquaint yourself with the new place even before you land there by thoroughly reading and reviewing travel tips and advice provided by the travel related websites like Jovago Pakistan.