5 types of men you will meet in your lifetime

11:05 PM | 2 Jun, 2018
5 types of men you will meet in your lifetime
If you are a brown girl living in Pakistan then you can easily relate to today’s topic. As a girl from a very young age we see a lot of different type of guys trying to connect with us. Here I bring you the basic top 5 type of men which will come to your life if you are a girl. If not your life you’ll see these around you for sure!!

1) The real creeps:

You will find these guys lurking in your Facebook messages probably Dm’s If not you will for sure find them in your surroundings giving you uncomfortable stares and creepy smiles. They will never leave a chance to make inappropriate and double meaning jokes!

2) Pseudo Liberal Guy:

The guy who will tell you how open minded he is and outgoing. Exactly the one who will explain how he will “allow” you to go out with friends and will “allow” to work after marriage, LOL! He also is very independent but is still scared of his parents and their conservative rules. Just an add on to everything he will “allow” you to wear whatever if you stay at home.

3) Gym Freak:

Ok girls if you love food and food is everything to you then you must stay away from this type at all costs!! He will not only spend most of his time in the gym and even if he gives you your time chances are you guys will be talking about gym, calories, exercises or protein shakes. You don’t want that sort of stress in your life now!! Chances are you will get body conscious.

Living on Zero cal!

4) Trying too hard to be cool guy!

So this guy is the one who will fancy You for your aura but knows deep down you are out of his league but they certainly don’t know what failure is as for them not getting you will be a major failure! They will try new ways to get to you!

Their messages will look something like this:

Which means GOODBYE FOREVER!!!

5) The toxic guy:

He will send you good morning and good night messages. He will have more mood swings than you will ever have. He will get emotional and sentimental on every tiny thing you say or do. His major tactic will be to emotionally manipulate you into doing things. He will tell you to follow his instructions as he loves you and it is best for you.