Ruckus in Sindh Assembly as PTI lawmakers beat up 'rebel' party members (VIDEO)

02:35 PM | 2 Mar, 2021
Ruckus in Sindh Assembly as PTI lawmakers beat up 'rebel' party members (VIDEO)

KARACHI – The Sindh Assembly on Tuesday turned into a fighting ring after ruling party MPAs attacked three parliamentarians for 'switching sides' ahead of the Senate elections.

Khurram Sher on Monday claimed that three of his PTI’s ministers have gone missing. The three missing members are Aslam Abro, Shehryar Shar, and Karim Baksh Gabol, came to the Sindh Assembly today for marking attendance.

The three ‘rebel’ members decided not to vote for PTI candidates but to vote according to their 'conscience' during the Senate elections.

The party members started chanting as the rebel members entered the provincial assembly while MPAs of the Pakistan People’s Party clapped on the entrance of three members.

PTI Ministers ran towards Karim Baksh Gabol walked and pushed him. Afterward, Gabol fell and MPAs were seen kicking and punching the ‘rebel’ member. Following the ruckus, Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani left the assembly.

Earlier on Monday, Karim Baksh Gabol in a video statement confessed that he will not vote for ruling party candidates in the Senate polls. Party has chosen people after receiving a bribe in the name of funds, he alleged.

The Senate elections will be held at Parliament House Islamabad and the respective provincial assemblies on Wednesday to elect new members of the Upper House.