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Mother reunites with missing son after eight years (DailyPakistan Exclusive)

05:32 PM | 3 Apr, 2023
Mother reunites with missing son after eight years (DailyPakistan Exclusive)
Source: Daily Pakistan( Screengrab - Instagram)

A mother in Pakistan had a moment of what sounds like a stroke of unbelievable luck once in a million light years, when she reunited with her lost son, Ali Hassan, after a brief period of eight years.

While Pakistani media tends to highlight the negative image of local police, the following interview shows just how dedicated and honest the officials are. A kind-hearted Punjab Police warden named Muhaddias, helped the mother and her son reunite.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Pakistan, the mother of Hassan revealed how her son went missing in Ramadan eight years ago while playing down the street. With a husky voice and teary eyes, she explained how she would be barefoot, leaving no place unchecked looking for her only son whether it was the railway station, the airports, you name it.

The woman detailed how she tightly hugged her son when he was standing before her after police officials informed her that her son has been found, alive and healthy.

Hassan's mother told that the family of 4, now 5, lives near railway tracks and that Hassan is her only son. He has three sisters too. Unfortunately, Hassan's father passed away in a road accident when he was out to find his son, seven months prior to the deceased's son's reunion with his family. For all the turmoil and devastation that she went through, the mother revealed that she is now a heart patient.

While the mother cried day and night for her son and left no stone unturned to find him, another important figure in the story is a cobbler who lives near the railway station and is a neighbor of the family. One time when she was out to locate Hassan, the mother showed Hassan's picture to the cobbler and asked him to contact her in case he ever sees the boy.

While his mother looked for him desperately, Hassan was living at the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau. One time, Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi, who is the current interim chief minister of Punjab, visited the Bureau where Hassan told Naqvi, in sign language, that he wants to meet his parents. This moved Naqvi after which he directed IG Punjab and CTO Lahore to reunite this kid with his parents.

Following his orders, there were posters and banners of Hassan in cities including Lahore, Gujranwala, and other places to help locate him.  

Hassan, although a special child, does speak a little bit, and recalled an important piece of information about his home which gave police the lead. Hasaan remembered that a rail car would go past his house. The police then reached the railway station where they came across the cobbler who identified the kid immediately.

The constable then called the devastated mother, who was more than shocked to have the police knocking at her door. Why? because the last time police showed up, they informed Hassan's mother of the death of her husband which obviously affected her so much that she was bedridden for months. However, this time, there was good news waiting for her.    

The emotionally overwhelmed mother revealed that her son went missing on the 11th of Ramadan eight years ago. 

The mother-son duo couldn't hold in their tears and hugged each other multiple times.

The writer is a staff member.


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