Egg-seller in Karachi finds millions in bank account

09:22 PM | 3 Feb, 2017
Egg-seller in Karachi finds millions in bank account
KARACHI - Ejaz, a poor egg merchant was stunned when he found millions of rupees in his bank account.

According to Geo news, when Ejaz went to a branch of a bank in Karachi’s sadder area for opening an account, he was told that he already had an account in the bank.

"When the manager inserted his NIC card number on bank’s system, manager disclosed  Ejaz was surprised upon knowing this, but the intensity surged when the bank manager revealed that he has Rs1.2 billion ($11.50 million) in his account, Geo reported.

Sensing the suspicious nature of the matter, Ejaz was smart enough to report the matter to Federal Investigation Agency.

FIA has launched an inquiry to find out that through his fake account millions transacted daily. The agency investigated that in 2010 the manager of the bank opened the account and it was operated by owners of a business that deals in poultry products.