Ghana Ali opens up about her husband’s first wife

01:16 PM | 3 Jul, 2022
Ghana Ali opens up about her husband’s first wife
Source: Instagram

Ghana Ali is a Pakistani actress who amassed a huge fan following and is adored for her acting skills, but she surely knows how to shut netizens' trolling.

In a recent interview, Ghana opened up about her marriage for the first time.

The Sangdil actress married Umair Gulzar who was reportedly already married. She was labeled as a 'homewrecker' which took a toll on her mental health. But there are two sides of a coin, Ghana opened up about her 'traumatizing' experience saying, “First of all, I was told that his (my husband) first wife doesn’t know anything, it’s not possible especially when we announced the matter, everyone knew about it, also now they are not together."

Ghana continued saying, "they are separated and the rumors were more of fabricated ones just to trigger my husband but he was smarter than me in handling that, people talked too bad about me, they cursed me, they cursed my baby, I was traumatized after hearing things like that, I think those rumors were intentionally created and spread to trigger my husband.”

“Only a few people understood me," she complained. "I also used to reply to the comments but then I realized that it will only intensify the matter so I stopped."

The actress claimed that if anyone has anything to settle down they should talk to her husband.