'Truck Art'- The pride of Pakistan

10:26 AM | 3 May, 2018
'Truck Art'- The pride of Pakistan

LAHORE- Pakistan is a culturally rich country because of its centuries-old history and influences of many civilizations. Art and culture of this country are unique and carries traditions from the past which are being admired all around the world.

One of the most known arts of Pakistan is called as the “Truck Art”.

Trucks are not only used for the objects delivery purposes but in South Asian Region Which include Afghanistan and Pakistan, trucks are being decorated with bright paints, mirrors, bells, chains, motifs of (birds, flowers, famous personalities, animals, fish), glittery sheets, stickers, battery-operated lights, small bells, jangling chains, beadwork and woodwork.

Truck art is a folk art which represents the dreams, inspirations, hobbies, the imagination of the Pakistanis and the painters. It also shows the close bond of the truck owner with his vehicle and how much he values it through decorating it.

The truck is decorated mainly with paintings on the various topics which are placed in a pattern of squares ranging in size from less than a square foot to more than six feet. The decoration pieces are often the glitziest part of a fully Pakistani truck. The decoration piece is an important part of the truck also the most eye-catching part of the vehicle.

When the truck is either driving on the highways or in the city for loading and unloading the things, the people get amazed to see the detailed artwork on the walls of the truck. Each truck is having a different theme and each part is filled with the Imagination of the artists.

Truck art is popular because of the hard work and artistry of the painters. The painters spend many hours in decorating the truck. Haji Habib Ur Rehman is the first known Truck Art painter of Pakistan. He started painting the truck in 1950’s and is still working in the same field until today

At the age of 72, he still enjoys his work and is very determined.

Truck Art involves the representation of emotions, passion, love, and care for their trucks. The truck drivers have to travel for many days nonstop on the highways. It is difficult for a human being to stay alone and quiet for long days and the distance for their homes, family, and children makes them different from a person who is living a normal job live in the city or the village life of a villager.

While Interviewing truck driver Faheem Khan (Neelam Valley) He talked about how truck drivers overcome their inner loneliness by creating a strong bond with their truck. It is like a home to them.

Truck Art Has been used as a theme by many Fashion designers, Industrialist, Transport Companies, Clothing Function for the selling of their products.

Pakistan’s ‘truck art’ is now a Popular and unique “Art” of the world. It is being praised all over the world by different nationalities.